Automatically Delete Negative Comments from Your Facebook Ads

We all receive negative comments on our ads. Sometimes it’s a genuine concern, other times ignorance from the user’s end.

Negative comments, like any form of social proof can and does effect the conversion rate of an ad.

And all of us hate poor conversion rates, right?

So, if you see people commenting, “fake, scammer, can buy from AliExpress for $1 etc.” on your ads, use this list of the most common negative phrases to hide them from appearing on your ads, as soon as they are posted.

P.S. I found this on a Facebook group I was part of and it’s truly resourceful.

The below list is mostly for e-commerce store owners that dropship. However, the method works for everybody.



This will automatically hide any comments that contain these words.

To apply this

Step 1 — Go to your Page & then go to Settings

Step 2 — Tap the ‘Edit’ button next to ‘Page Moderation’

Step 3 — Copy-Paste the word list from the file you downloaded

Press ‘Add’ and then tap “Save Changes” at the end.

That’s it, you’re all set!

You can unhide comments that contain blocked words by going to the comment and clicking ‘Unhide’.

Disclaimer: Although Facebook allows us the option to censor comments, we should try to answer these comments & provide support ✌️