Facebook Ads Newsletter #2

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2021 could be a monumental year for social media. With the recent political events in the US, there is more pressure than ever on platforms like Facebook to ban certain types of content. This comes alongside growing concerns about representation in advertising.

Facebook has already responded to these requests, and while the changes they’ve made will have a positive impact on the world they can also affect the way marketers advertise on the site.

The best thing we can do is stay up-to-date with the latest news and adapt to the platform as it changes.

With that said, in today’s newsletter we’ll discuss how marketers are shifting to in- Facebook lead generation instead of landing pages, the new Ads for Equality tool, and the recent ban on ads promoting weapons accessories.

In-Facebook Lead Generation vs Landing Pages

For years, the standard practice for getting leads from Facebook was as follows:

  1. Create an ad that includes a call to action button.

  2. When the customer clicks the CTA button they’re taken off Facebook to an external landing page.

  3. The customer submits their information on the landing page.

It’s a fine system, and many businesses and marketers still use it to this day. But it has several flaws.

First, when people are scrolling through Facebook they don’t want to leave Facebook. They also want a faster experience. If they have to wait three to five seconds to be redirected somewhere else, they’ll likely abandon the process and return to their feed.

As a result, directing people to a landing page outside of Facebook often leads to a high bounce rate and poor conversion rates.

To combat these issues, a few years ago the company introduced Lead Ads. With this system, everything happens on Facebook.

  1. A user sees an ad they’re interested in and they click on it.

  2. A form instantly pops up where they can enter their information.

  3. After they submit their information they can easily return to their feed.

As you might expect, this new system is delivering better results. In fact, Wordstream performed a study to see just how big of a difference Lead Ads made. They found that campaigns that utilized these ads averaged a conversion rate of 12.54%, while campaigns that used landing pages averaged 10.47%.

Here at 0-Penny, we’ve certainly noticed the benefits of performing lead generation within Facebook. In addition to Lead Ads, we’ve also been utilizing Messenger to collect leads with great success. Instead of directing users to a page or form, they can talk to a real person who can answer their questions and close the sale.

While landing pages still have their place, we definitely see things shifting more towards converting leads on Facebook, rather than external pages. This will likely continue through 2021.

Ads for Equality

In this day and age, having equal representation throughout your advertising is more important than ever. 

First and foremost, it promotes equality. When people see someone like them in media, it makes them feel more accepted and that their voice is being heard. We should all strive to make people feel this way and help the world be a more inclusive place.

But diversity in marketing goes beyond making people happy. It also has a positive impact on your brand.

A recent survey found that 62% of people feel a brand’s diversity or lack thereof affects how they perceive its products and services. The survey also found that many LGBTQ+, African-American, and Hispanic people have ignored a brand because they didn’t feel like they were represented.

So, if you want to produce effective Facebook advertising in 2021, representation is key. And thankfully, the company has released a new tool to help with this.

Ads for Equality allows you to check your ads for diversity to ensure you’re not excluding any segment of the population.

The two main features marketers will want to take advantage of are:

  • Testing your ads for proper representation.

  • Checking your ads for common stereotypes that could be harmful to certain groups of people.

This new tool provides massive benefits for both the Facebook Ads community and the world as a whole. I and the rest of the 0-Penny team will certainly be using this moving forward to continue to optimize and refine our process.

Facebook Bans Ads the Promote Weapons Accessories

In the wake of the riots at the US Capitol, many called for Facebook to place further restrictions on the types of ads they allow on their platform.

The company already doesn’t allow ads that promote weapons, ammunition, and weapon enhancements. However, last week they also placed a temporary ban on ads for weapons accessories and protective equipment.

According to Facebook, this was done out of “an abundance of caution” as many around the world feared there would be further violence during the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden. Luckily, the event proceeded without any further incidents.

This new content ban was said to last until at least January 22nd. However, at the time of this writing, there’s been no word from Facebook about lifting it. This means it’s possible it could be kept in place for a while longer.

The team here at 0-Penny fully supports this ban. We would never promote any product that could cause harm to people and only work with companies that align with our values.

That being said, as I mentioned earlier content bans like this have a habit of causing more ads to be pulled. No algorithm is perfect and even if your ad has nothing to do with restricted products you could still run into issues.

This is why now more than ever you need to be extremely careful about the language being used in your advertising. Make sure you’re up to date with all of Facebook’s content restrictions so you don’t inadvertently have an ad blocked.

We’ll keep you up to date with this most recent content ban and will let you know when we hear more.

As always, stay safe and keep working towards your marketing goals.

Talk again soon :)