Facebook Ads Newsletter #4

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It’s been a rough start to the year for Facebook. First, the iOS 14 update is threatening to limit how much data advertisers can collect. And now most recently, Facebook experienced a massive ads outage last weekend.

This all begs the question: is Facebook still the best place to spend your advertising dollars? I may be biased since I make my living on the platform, but I still believe it is.

Every company, no matter how successful it is, will face its fair share of challenges. These are just the latest of many issues Facebook has overcome. And despite all the adversity they’ve encountered in the past they still continued their success.

I have no doubt that by the end of the year the platform will have moved past these obstacles and they’ll continue to grow their advertising business well into the future.

With that out of the way, this week we’ll be discussing Facebook’s campaign to promote the benefits of personalized ads, the ad outage that occurred last weekend, and how Amazon rainforest plots are being sold illegally on Facebook.

Facebook Promotes the Benefits of Personalized Ads to Combat Apple

You knew Facebook wasn’t going to go down without a fight. This past week the company launched its “Good Ideas Deserve to Be Found” campaign. It will include TV, radio, and digital advertising and will focus on how personalized ads have helped many small local businesses grow.

Of course, the kinds of personalized ads that are being discussed here are exactly the types of ads that Apple’s new update will prevent. While Facebook isn’t overtly saying the campaign is in response to the iOS 14 update, it’s pretty clear it’s their way of opposing the changes.

The company is launching the hashtag #DeserveToBeFound, which will allow small businesses to share their offerings across Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to the campaign, Facebook has also accused Apple of anti-competitive behaviour, related to how it’s using its control of the App Store to limit how much data app developers can access.

Here at 0 Penny, we see both sides of the debate. Obviously, as Facebook marketers, we want access to as much data as we can get, as this allows us to deliver better results for our clients. However, we also understand that people have concerns about privacy.

In the end, while the campaign is clearly a strike against Apple, it does raise awareness about the importance of digital advertising for small businesses. Especially during a time when many businesses are struggling.

Facebook Ads give businesses access to a powerful advertising tool at an affordable price. So companies should definitely think twice about doing anything that will limit access to it. Otherwise, it could prevent many small businesses from reaching their full potential.

Facebook Ad Outage

If you were wondering why you saw a massive drop in your Facebook Ads traffic last weekend, you weren’t alone. The platform experienced a major disruption in ad their delivery that lasted from February 18 - 22.

It appears that the only campaigns left unaffected by the outage were Instagram Story campaigns.

So what happened? We’re still not entirely sure. Here’s the statement from Facebook to MarketingLand:

“We’re still investigating this issue and will take any learnings to improve our systems going forward.”

However, many are speculating the outage had to do with the new iOS 14 update, which gives users more control over how their data is shared. Facebook denies this is the case, but it does seem odd that the outage occurred right on the heels of the update.

In any case, the outage appears to be resolved now and Facebook Ads are running as usual again (or as usual as they can be following the update).

I’ll be sure to let you know of any other issues or problems that arise that might be due to the new iOS update.

Amazon Rain Forest Plots Are Being Sold on Facebook Marketplace

Have you ever wanted to buy a part of the Amazon rain forest? Well, don’t be fooled by the land currently being sold on Facebook.

Recently, plots of land located in the Amazon rainforest (some as large as several football fields) have started appearing on Facebook Marketplace. Unfortunately, this land is being sold illegally without the consent of the indigenous peoples that live there.

While Facebook said it’s willing to cooperate with local authorities on the matter, it won’t take any independent steps to bring down the listings.

"Our commerce policies require buyers and sellers to comply with laws and regulations," the company said. However, it appears they’re leaving it up to local authorities to ensure those laws are enforced.

Unfortunately, as of now, the country’s government appears to be unwilling to stop these sales.

Sellers are illegally clearing land to increase its value, which is also contributing to Brazil’s deforestation problem. 

A number of sellers even admit they don’t actually have a title to the land, but that doesn’t appear to be stopping sellers from purchasing it. Much of the land is being bought and used by cattle ranchers.

Hopefully, a resolution to this problem can be found soon. While the internet opens many doors for honest hardworking people, it also provides opportunities for criminals. It’s a shame to see the land people call home destroyed just so others can make money.

Well, that’s all the news I have for you this week. As always, I’ll continue to be on the lookout for any information that’s are worth sharing.

And if you have questions about any of the topics covered in this newsletter don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Enjoy your week and I’ll catch up with you again soon!