*FREE* ‘Viral Giveaway’ Chatbot Template

Monetise your Facebook page with this Chatbot

As per a study by ubisend.com, almost 50% people surveyed preferred to message the business over phone or email.

This represents a tremendous opportunity to us as marketers & entrepreneurs.

Many of you have already heard about chatbots and would have developed some of your own too.

In this post, I will talk about a chatbot template that will help you increase engagement, leads & ultimately generate revenue for your business

Introducing the “Viral Giveaway” Chatbot

A classic way to generate leads, streamlined and simplified with a marketing twist. Check demo here.

What makes it viral?

The chatbot follows a ‘rolling snowball’ approach.

Users can enter the giveaway in a click, check their score & score of others on a real-time Leaderboard.

The ‘Share’ feature incentivises users to share this with their friends increasing their chances of winning & your number of leads ;)

1. Enter Giveaway — 2. Increase chances by sharing with friends — 3. Friends enter giveaway — n. Repeat

Reporting & Analytics

The leaderboard is connected to Google Sheets. It acts as a backend report to show the users & their referrals that have signed up. Plus, the source of the lead.

Google Sheet displays the kind of lead generated (via a friend, direct or through an ad)

P.S. This is in addition to the already available analytics provided by the Chatfuel platform & third party apps.

Also, everything used is FREE.

Plus, the template requires no coding skills. And you or your client can make changes easily.

GET THIS TEMPLATE (Setup instructions included)

Use cases

Here are my 2 ways. You can bring in your own twist. Share with everybody here if you do :)

1. With a Facebook/Instagram ad

2. Through your Facebook posts as a link

How to implement this into your business

  1. Generate leads for your business using the giveaway

  2. Offer an attractive prize/product/service

  3. When announcing the winner, give the other leads a discount coupon to buy the actual product they signed up & a link to buy

  4. Follow-up with other messages & offers in the future

What’s next?

You can use this as part of a bigger chatbot or just for the purpose it’s intended for. Use it for your own business or add it to your client’s page

Personally, if you have a e-commerce store you can use this to sell your products to these existing leads within the chatbot itself

  1. You can add follow-up messages as part of your sales funnel.

Example messages (for a user that has entered the giveaway)

  1. Message 1 — Encourage them to share the giveaway but telling them about their score

  2. Message 2 — Last message before giveaway is over

  3. Message 3 — Giveaway winner announcement with a coupon to buy the actual product

  4. Change the copy & conversational style of the chatbot to reflect the voice of your business and/or your audience. Check this

  5. Add Menu item to provide easy access to the Leaderboard & other options

Message me with any queries

Comment what chatbot template should we giveaway next